1. Fill out the signup form. You will have your sign-up e-mailed back to you with your License Number. Your sign-up will be posted anonymously so people can look Santas over as the signups roll in.
  2. On November 10, a spreadsheet of all the signups will posted to the livejournal community. E-mail with your top three picks (as identified by their License Number) and your Secret Santa Letter. You may write a separate request for each of the three Santas. If you won't be around, ask a friend who will be around to watch the community and send your request in for you. Letters are due by 11:59 a.m. EST November 11. N.B. The Santa letter is not a shopping list. It is a way for someone who doesn't know you to write a story or make a picture you will like. Give your Santa a clear list of your likes and dislikes, but do not expect that they will include every single like. TheFourthVine gives some great advice on gift exchange prompts.
  3. On November 11, all Santas will receive their prompts via e-mail.
  4. Make your gifts and e-mail them to by 11:59 p.m. EST, December 8, 2007.
    Minimum Gift Sizes
    Story 1000 words
    Single image 800 px by 600 px
    Icon Set 10 icons
  5. You are forbidden to include story or visual elements that your requestee specifically noted they did not want included. You should incorporate as much of the elements they would like as you can include in a well- written story or a striking image, but you are not required to include all of their requests.
  6. If you do not turn in a story on time, …
    • you will not be allowed to participate in next year's Doc Santa.
    • and your assigned Santa did not turn in a story, no pinch hitter will be assigned.
    • and your assigned Santa did turn in a story for you, your name will not be listed as the recipient. (If you turn in a story late, your name will be re-added to the story as the recipient.)
  7. Do not post the story you wrote publically or discuss it publicly in your journal until stories are posted on December 23.